Indian Candied Fruit Cubes Recipe

Indian Candied Fruit Cubes Recipe

Ingredients for Tutti Fruity

  • Raw papaya: 400 grams
  • Sugar - 400 grams
  • Color - yellow and red
  • Essence - vanilla and poppy seeds

How to make Tutti Fruity at home?

Wash papaya, peel, remove seeds and chop finely.

Blench the papaya pieces:

Drench the papaya pieces in boiling water and let it boil for 3 minutes. Turn off the gas and soak the pieces for 5 minutes in same water. Now take the papaya pieces from water. Pieces are blenched now.

Cook blenched papaya pieces in sugar syrup:

Take sugar in a pan and add 500 gram water (2.5 cups). Cook until sugar dissolves completely. Add blenched papaya pieces in sugar syrup now and cook until sugar syrup gets viscous (sugar syrup should have one thread consistency). Sugar syrup has become viscous and papaya pieces have cooked completely. Turn off the gas and let the pieces get frigid. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence in syrup coated papaya pieces.

Color the sugar syrup coated papaya pieces:

Equally divide the papaya pieces into three parts. Dissolve each color separately in different bowls. Add 2 pinch of yellow in a bowl and mix one part of the sugar coated papaya pieces into it.

Add 2 pinch red color in separate bowl and add second part of the papaya pieces into it. Leave the third part of papaya pieces as it is .i.e. without adding any color.

Now keep these papaya pieces soaked in color and sugar syrup aside for 12-24 hours so that they get sweet and colored properly.

After 12-24 hours take out the pieces form sugar syrup and place them on a wire net placed on top of the plate. Extra sugar syrup will get drained out and keep the papaya pieces until the stickiness dries up completely. Store the tutti fruity in any container and use whenever you want.


Tutti fruity is often made in three colors .i.e. red, green and yellow. You can use any food color which is available with you for making tutti fruity.