Khatta Meetha Mixture

Khatta Meetha Mixture

Ingredients for Khatta Mitha Mix Chivda

  • Poha(beaten rice) - 200 grams
  • Ground nuts - 200 grams
  • Oil - to fry Poha
  • Turmeric powder - 1/3 tsp
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp
  • Salt - 1/4 tsp
  • Tatri(edible citric acid) - less than 1 small gram
  • Raisins - 20 to 25 (remove the stems)

How to make Khatta Mitha Mix Chivda

Pour oil in a frying pan(kadhai) and heat. When the oil is sufficiently heated put almost half of the Poha, lower the flame and stir fry Poha till it doubles in size but remains white in colour.Take out fried Poha and keep in a strainer to drain out excess oil. Similarly fry the remaining Poha and take it out.

Put groundnuts in the remaining oil and fry till they turn brown then take them out.

Mix sugar, salt and Tatri then put in a mixer to make a fine paste.

Pour 1 tbsp oil in the pan and heat. put turmeric powder in hot oil. Put Poha on a low flame and keep mixing Poha with a spoon till it turns yellow. Poha looks good with the yellow colour. Keep Poha on a plate allowing them to cool off.

Once Poha cools down completely add groundnuts, gram flour Sev, raisins followed by powdered sugar masala and mix all the ingredients well. Sweet Sour Poha Namkeen for kids is ready.

After Sweet Sour Poha Namkeen is completely cooled store it in an air-tight container and enjoy this scrumptious snack up to 2 months...!!