Murukku Recipe

Murukku Recipe

Ingredients for Rice Chakali

  • Rice flour - 400 gms. (4 cup)
  • Urad dal flour - 100 gms. (1 cup)
  • Moong dal flour - 100 gms. (1 cup)
  • Gram flour - 100 gms. (1 cup)
  • Sesame  - 1 table spoon.
  • Carom seeds - 1 tea spoons.
  • Cumin seeds - 1 tea spoon.
  • Red chilli powder - less than 1 tea spoon.
  • Heeng - 2-3 pinch (optional)
  • Salt - 11/4 tea spoon (or according to the taste)
  • Oil - 150 gms. (3/4 cup)

Method - How to make Rice Chakali

Mix and sieve all the flours (rice flour, urad dal flour, moong dal flour, gram flour) in one bowl. Add all the spices and oil to it and mix well with hands. Now knead the mixture with little water to make a smooth dough. Leave the dough covered for 20 minutes. Dough to make chakali is ready.

Take a portion of dough (atleast 1/2 cup) and roll it into a long roll. Now put this roll into the machine and close it. Spread a polythene sheet on the shelf or the kitchen top and press the machine from the top revolving it in circular motion so that the mixture falls on the sheet making a chakali. Prepare 4-5 chakali on the polythene sheet.

heat oil in a pan. Pick the chakali from the sheet in a way that it does not break or lose its shape. Put them in the pan and fry on a low or medium flame. Fry 5-6 chakalis at one time until they turn brown and crispy. Take them out on a plate and prepare more chakalis with the remaining dough in the same manner.

Rice Chakali is ready. Serve them instant or store in an air-tight container to consume it later on at tea time. These can be consumed for over 2 months.


Do not over use the oil while kneading the dough, else the flour will fall apart and it will be difficult to knead it.

Do not fry the chakali on high flame, else it will turn brown from the upper surface instantly leaving the inner surface raw and soft.